We treat your real estate transaction as if it were our own.

Buying, building or refinancing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions that a person or family will make.  In closing over 13,000 transactions in the Triangle and surrounding areas, the attorneys and staff at Adams|Howell have the experience to guide you through the closing process with competence and efficiency.  There are many details to a real estate transaction in which you will need professional care and guidance.  We will help and advise you on every aspect of the closing process including the contract, title, title defect resolution, closing disclosure preparation and review, loan document review and all the other countless in-between aspects of a residential real estate transaction.

Having a clear title free of defects to your home or real estate investment is of the utmost importance.  When buying a new home you can see the building, the landscaping and the curb appeal, but what you cannot see is the title to the land.  The experienced attorneys at Adams|Howell will perform a thorough title search in order to ensure that your home is free of any title defects that could impact you negatively in the future.  Having our knowledgeable team working for you behind the scenes to examine the title of your home or investment property and to help resolve any title defects should they be present now will save you both time and money in the future.

Our attorneys and staff know how to effectively and efficiently communicate with your lender, which is essential to having a smooth and timely closing.  With the ever-changing financial regulations, lenders and their staff need attorney partners that are knowledgeable as to what it takes to get a transaction to the closing table.  We have that expertise and are always prepared with the most up-to-date information, skills and software to successfully navigate the ever-changing lending industry to ensure closings are conducted as smoothly as possible.

Adams|Howell also has experience in representing land developers, builders and individuals who are building their dream home.  This type of background is a unique sub-set of residential real estate law representation.  We have the knowledge to assist developers, builders and individuals to navigate this overall process and to help avoid the may pit-falls that exist with developing land and/or building a new home.  We can assist with such details in the development and construction process as closing construction loans, developer/builder contract review, contract negotiation, easement drafting, setback variance approvals, homeowner’s association set-up, drafting restrictive covenants, and title review.

With offices serving you in Cary, Angier and Raleigh, the attorneys and staff at Adams|Howell will guide you every step of the way from contract to closing.  Whether you are paying cash or getting a loan to close on your primary residence or investment property, having us handle your transaction is invaluable.  We will treat every aspect of your transaction as if it were our own.