Driving Innovation in the Legal Field through Responsive and Proactive Corporate Representation.

Business and Corporate legal representation means different things to different businesses. From the multi-state corporation to the “mom and pop” down the road, and all points in between, each client of Adams Howell’s Business Law Practice has individualized needs, shaped by their respective goals, facts and circumstances.

Through our fundamental approach to the legal field – that representation of a business client starts with the attorney-client relationship – Adams Howell successfully provides customized and detailed representation, regardless of the industry type or business size. At Adams Howell, the relationship focuses and propels every aspect of our business and corporate representation. For us, “relationship” means:

  1. Responsiveness. Engaging in meaningful and ongoing communications with our clients, thereby maximizing the benefit of the attorney-client relationship.
  2. Proactive Planning. Through continuous and ongoing representation and analysis of our clients’ needs and purposes, our attorneys proactively plan for and address goals and concerns over the course of the relationship.
  3. Exceeding Goals and Expectations. Our clients each have their own unique and personalized goals and expectations for their relationships with Adams Howell. It is our goal and our expectation that we will both meet surpass those of each and every client through superior legal work and representation, preemptive and beneficial client communications, and customized and caring attention to detail.

Through this relationship-based model, Adams Howell effectively and efficiently represents the mid- to large-size client seeking a Fractional Chief Legal Officer / General Counsel; the dentist looking to start or purchase his or her first practice; the 20-location franchisee in need of ongoing and top-notch business and corporate representation; the up-and-coming startup with specific legal needs in the short-term and big plans over the long; and every other business client that knows the value of exceptional legal work and an attorney who doesn’t wait for you to make the phone call.

Our Business and Corporate Law Practice provides full-service legal representation over the entire course of the business life cycle. Such representation includes single-owner and multi-owner businesses of all sizes, revenues and employee-numbers across the spectrum of entities, industries and matter types, including:

Type of Entities Represented

  • Individuals/Sole Proprietors
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Corporations, including For-Profit, Nonprofit and S Corporations
  • Associations and Cooperatives
  • Partnerships

Industries Represented

  • Entity Formations, Dissolutions and Conversions
  • Startup Representation
  • Corporate and Company Governance and Formalities
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, including representation in business sales and purchases
  • Dental, Medical and Vet practice sales and purchases
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Investment Agreements and Structures
  • Creditors Rights
  • Debtors Rights
  • Bankruptcy
  • Shareholder, Interest Owner and Partnership Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements and Succession Planning
  • Employment Law, including employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, professional services agreements, compliance and HR-related representation
  • Restrictive Covenant Agreements, including Non-Disclosure, Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation
  • Franchise Representation
  • Commercial Lease Review and Negotiation
  • Trademarks
  • Restaurant and ABC-related Representation
  • Shareholder, Partner and Interest Owner Dispute Resolution and
  • General Contract Review, Preparation and Negotiation.