Business Planning is an ongoing process, but it should always start with choosing the right legal relationship.  The benefits of having an ongoing advisory relationship with your attorney can have a tremendous impact on the business and the owner. We are here to provide the needed and pertinent advice to position ourselves as part of your business team in order to plan and grow with you and your business. As your business changes, so will your planning needs. We want to be there for you throughout the entire business life cycle to help prevent problems, provide solutions and identify new opportunities.

Why Is Business Planning Important?

The worst way to start anything is without a plan. Can you make it in business without the proper corporate structure, contracts and legal advice? Sure you can, but the odds are against you. Business planning is the process of setting up the right legal protections for your business to prevent one misstep from turning a great idea, hard work and service into another business closure statistic.


We recognize that running a private practice requires special attention. Our team’s focus on advising and assisting professionals was derived from seeing the challenges that doctors, dentists and other professionals face. From these experiences, we have gained unique knowledge in these professional industries and practice planning that has become the foundation to NC Planning’s healthcare client model.

We have developed a strategic plan for each phase of a professional’s legal life cycle, covering everything from starting out as an associate to preparing for retirement. Each plan addresses the legal needs of a dentist or physician throughout their career. It is our job to prevent problems before they happen, explore growth opportunities and ensure that you and your practice are protected at all times.

Professional Planning Services:

        • Associate Contract Review, Development & Negotiation
        • Shareholder, Partnerships, Equity Buy-In
        • New Practice Formation & Start-Up Planning
        • Practice Purchase Planning
        • Letters of Intent and Practice Purchase Agreements
        • Practice Growth
        • Employment Agreements, Policies and Incentives
        • Personal Estate, Tax and Asset Protection Planning
        • Management Company and Multiple Practice Structuring
        • Succession and Exit Strategies including Sale of Practices

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